Value-Added Services

Our Present & Our Mission

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping produces accurate metal components that meet even the most rigorous design specifications. As a full-service company, we handle every aspect of the fabrication process from prototyping to production. In addition to our metal spinning, metal stamping, and engineering expertise, we also offer a comprehensive selection of value-added services. From metal polishing to welding and more, our services create customizable solutions for each project and simplify your supply chain.

Metal Polishing

Metal polishing services smooth the surface of fabricated metal components like pipes, angles, and sheets. Polishing typically provides a final finish to a metal workpiece before the material or part goes to its end use. This service delivers benefits such as:

  • Improved corrosion and damage resistance
  • Higher durability to impact, wear, and challenging environmental conditions

Some types of metal, such as stainless steel, are significantly improved by the polishing process. Metal Craft creates blemish-free, smooth finishes on various types of metals, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel

In addition to strictly adhering to industry standards, we perform meticulous quality testing and inspections on all of our products. We pride ourselves on our continued goal of excellence through innovation.

Metal Welding

Welding, more so than soldering, forms a durable connection between metal components by bringing metals and metal alloys to their melting points for joining. Softening and expanding during heating, these metals react to high temperatures differently. They have individual strengths, levels of thermal conductivity, and melting points, necessitating multiple types of metal welding services.

Choosing the most applicable welding system for each application is essential. At Metal Craft, we are fully outfitted with the most advanced welding equipment and techniques to deliver quality products and services to customers’ specifications.

Metal Cleaning

Certain types of metal require unique metal cleaning services rather than polishing. For example, while aluminum and stainless steel oxidize easily and benefit from polishing, chrome tends to resist severe oxidation. As a result, even the best polishes are typically ineffective at removing scratches from chrome.

The hard, thin surface of metal like this benefits much more from a thorough, careful cleaning. Metal Craft uses state-of-the-art equipment to effectively clean metal components without damaging them.

Metal Painting

Painting fabricated metal components not only creates attractive finishes but also provides a protective coating that prevents corrosion. Many types of metals, such as steel, aluminum, and brass, draw oxygen to their surface, creating an oxide film. As the surface of these metals oxidizes, the metals dull, develop a patina, or rust.

Paint bonds to the surface of these metals and act as a surface treatment that prevents oxidation from occurring. Prior to painting, the surface of the metal requires cleaning and, depending on the material, prepping with a rust-inhibiting primer. Then paint can be applied by brush, roller, dipping, or spraying.

If your metal component requires painting as a finishing process, Metal Craft can handle it for you. We will ensure your metal pieces receive high-quality, lasting finishes.

Why Metal Craft?

Metal Craft has over 50 years of experience manufacturing the highest quality metal components. As a fourth-generation family-owned business, we have a tradition of quality, personalized service, and reliability. To better serve our customers, in addition to our highly skilled hand metal spinning capabilities, Metal Craft is continuously investing in the most cutting-edge equipment available. From automatic metal spinning CNC machines to hydraulic presses, and more, our team is equipped to handle components of any size.

Comprehensive Solutions From Metal Craft

When your project requires top-quality craftsmanship and on-time delivery, Metal Craft offers the solutions you need. Our extensive selection of fabrication and finishing services allows you to complete your entire project under one roof and receive superior, quality products from start to finish. Learn more about our value-added services by contacting us today or get started on a solution by requesting a quote.