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The metal spinning technique has been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Also called metal turning or spin forming, this process uses the pressure of a forming tool held against a piece of metal to shear away material and shape the blank as it rotates at high speeds on machinery like a CNC lathe. An effective and accurate manufacturing method, metal spinning is capable of creating strong metal components essential to the agricultural industry and its rugged everyday applications.

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping specializes in custom metal fabrication services. We utilize stainless, cold-rolled, and galvanized steel, as well as aluminum, brass, and copper, to support our agricultural customers with durable parts.

Metal Spinning Benefits

Metal spinning is a versatile and efficient manufacturing process with many advantages, including:

  • Reduced turn times. Metal spinning can produce parts quickly with high accuracy and tight tolerances. At Metal Craft, we’ve incorporated robots into our CNC production line, automating the process to complete even large orders fast with decreased per-unit costs.
  • Improved tooling changeability. Metal spinning tooling can be quickly adapted to accommodate design or production requirement changes, all at a low cost.
  • Simplified design modifications. Manufacturers can easily change a part’s design without requiring expensive tooling changes or significant downtime for set-up. This is especially true for alterations that involve part size reductions. Manufacturing flexibility like this also aids in one-off projects like prototyping.
  • Enhanced metallurgical properties. The spinning process leaves a smooth, weld-free surface and work-hardens metal, which can improve its tensile strength and durability.
  • Production volume flexibility. Metal spinning is optimal for everything from prototyping and small orders in manual or semi-automated operations to large-scale production using robotics and CNC equipment.
  • Process versatility. Manufacturers can achieve complex designs by coupling metal spinning with various other production processes. These may include welding, rolling, or deep drawing.

To complement our metal spinning, Metal Craft also offers a full suite of services such as metal stamping, 5-axis laser cutting, and engineering. Our capabilities enable us to produce the custom, high-endurance agricultural products you need quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Agriculture Metal Product Applications

The versatile metal spinning process can create various custom metal products essential to the agricultural industry. The diverse applications of metal-spun parts include:

  • Heavy agricultural and earthmoving machinery. Metal-spun parts help even large, rugged agricultural equipment function properly.
  • Handling and storing grains. This process is effective for generating wheels and funnels for grain applications, as well as sieve bodies and their fitted catchment trays.
  • Equipment for planting and harvesting. Metal spinning is capable of creating parts such as rollers, feeder funnels, stump jumpers, spreader discs, and plate covers. Metal-spun parts can also assist in crop preservation and irrigation.
  • Hay cutter bases. These bases typically consist of heavy-duty materials such as steel, and they provide a stable platform for hay-cutting operations.
  • Deck bases on commercial mowers. This metal fabrication technique is well suited for rotating components as balance is one of the advantages of metal-spun parts.
  • Environmental and temperature controls. Panels and covers protect delicate equipment from extreme temperatures and humidity while aiding in air circulation.
  • Manway covers or inspection caps. These components are useful in silo applications and on bulk storage containers.
  • Fence post caps. Manufacturers can produce these caps in various designs and sizes, such as flat or domed, depending on the application.
  • Cart tanks and tank ends. Tanks and tank ends assist in the storage of water and other agricultural goods.

Partner With Metal Craft

Metal spinning is a cost-effective manufacturing method for producing agricultural equipment’s metal products with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. As a family-owned business since 1964, Metal Craft has developed a hard-earned reputation across North America for quality services, precision end products, and reliable delivery. We have the capacity for prototyping and low- and high-volume production, equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machinery and hydraulic presses to best serve you with the shape, material, and tooling options your application requires.

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