Engineering Services

At Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping, we are experts in engineering and manufacturing and have decades of experience in our field. Our highly knowledgeable team offers an extensive range of services from reverse engineering and prototyping through product testing and full production.

Whether you need to design a new component or reengineer an existing one, we have the experience and technology to do it right. Our cutting-edge services will help you create components from a variety of file formats, so your designs are always on spec.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse EngineeringReverse engineering involves the creation of design drawings based on scans and measurements of an existing component to accurately reproduce and improve upon that component. Metal Craft uses the latest technology to scan the product and fabricate 3D models of objects for testing and enhancement. Our state-of-the-art reverse engineering process allows us to deconstruct your existing equipment, gather operating information, and use that data to refine the component to meet your needs and specifications.

The goal of reverse engineering is to improve your existing product by enhancing operating quality and efficiency and decreasing operating costs. Reverse engineering allows you to:

  • Make components more cost-effective to manufacture and operate
  • Replicate unique components
  • Analyze competitor products
  • Create manufacturing drawings and specifications from handmade prototypes
  • Develop inspection models
  • Improve and modify existing product designs
  • Develop tools and fixtures for a component

Value Engineering

At Metal Craft, we understand that every project must work within a budget. Our value engineering services use an in-depth analysis of your products and services to determine which materials can be replaced with less expensive alternatives while maintaining optimal functionality. In addition to decreasing your material costs, our function-based review of your system allows us to improve the quality of your equipment operation, thereby enhancing system efficiency and improving your overall product quality.

Metal Craft uses lower-cost metal spinning and fabrication methods instead of more expensive machining and stamping techniques, which further reduces your manufacturing costs. We strive to provide you with the highest level of efficiency and product quality at the lowest cost. The primary benefits of our value engineering services include:

  • Establishing a clear plan and expectations
  • Reducing manufacturing and operating costs
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Improving product quality

Metal Craft’s Shop Software

At Metal Craft, we understand the importance of technology in the engineering world. To provide you with the highest quality engineering services, we have invested in E2 shop software. E2 is a highly advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which allows us to generate and streamline shop orders and engineering services. With this powerful resource, we can reduce overall project costs while providing speedy and reliable order response.

With this shop software, we ensure that your project runs smoothly from initial design and engineering through prototyping, testing, and production. With E2, we can incorporate your full project plan across every aspect of our organization, so you can be assured of quality, continuity, and a fast turnaround. The high degree of organization provided by E2 software allows us to fully leverage the knowledge and experience of our engineers, materials specialists, and manufacturing professionals to ensure that your product is optimized in every way.

Quality Engineering Services From Metal Craft

For more than half a century, Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping has been a dedicated provider of top quality metal fabrication and engineering services for our customers in a wide range of industries. From architectural fixtures to industrial components and custom designs, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology necessary to make your venture a success. Our reverse engineering and value engineering services are specifically intended to help you enhance and improve process efficiency for more cost-effective operations.

For more information about how our comprehensive engineering services will help with your current project, reach out today.