Engineering Services

Overview of Engineering Services

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping has an engineering department with many years of experience who can assist you from prototype to design to production. Our department can accept many file formats for your designs and we will work closely with you offering support, advice and personal service.

Reverse Engineering

We can deconstruct your existing design or product and gather information to design and reverse the engineering process by modifying or refining the original to your specifications. This process is meant to improve the existing design or product by decreasing costs and improving the quality.

Value Engineering

Our Engineering services department will examine the function of your products or services and determine whether or not we can enhance those functions. In doing this process the value of your product or service increases by improving the quality of function and decreasing the cost.

Metal Craft can improve your current processes by using metal spinning and fabrication instead of slower and higher cost machines. We will provide you with the most efficient process with lower costs and higher quality.