Metal Stamping

What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a process that uses die to form flat metal sheets into shapes. In addition to stamping, these presses can punch, bend, notch and emboss sheet materials.


The metal stamping department employs the use of the Lagan 200 ton and 150 ton hydraulic press. This allows for deep draw, reverse draw and standard draw parts. Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping (MCSS) also has a variety of small presses ranging from 3 – 75 tons.

Parts produced from metal stamping are utilized in many industries including, but not limited to, agricultural, food service, lighting, marine, automotive, Commercial and industrial roofing, commercial and residential lighting, bearing closures, air pollution and ventilation, custom display stands, funeral urns, industrial vacuum cleaners, flag stand bases, fireplace accessories and satellite dish manufacturers.

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