Various Bases - Metal Spun Products


Metal spinning allows manufacturers to create solid, custom shapes quickly and accurately. Sometimes known as spinning, metal turning, or spin forming, these processes involve rotating metal discs and tubes at high speeds. Completion of the process results in metal spun products that are symmetrical along the axial plane.

Whether performed by hand or with the assistance of a CNC lathe, metal spinning processes naturally encourage the retention of used materials. With less waste in the fabrication process, metal spinning requires a lower overall material investment.

Metal Craft uses metal spinning technology to fabricate a variety of bases, stands, and other products that are used myriad industries and for a variety of purposes. Metal spinning allows our engineers to craft various bases that routinely meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.

Common Uses for Metal Spun Bases

The applications for metal spinning bases vary widely and span a broad range of industries. Many commonplace items are created with metal spinning or have metal-spun components.


Common commercial applications for metal spun base products include:

  • Table leg bases and food display cases for restaurants and grocery stores
  • Display and mannequin stands for clothing and retail stores
  • Flag stands, garbage can lids, and pole bases used in a range of infrastructure and building projects


Metal spinning allows many types of manufacturers to create highly customized pieces at lower costs. Furniture manufacturers, for example, use spin forming for its aesthetic appeal. Clean lines complemented by unparalleled strength and durability make metal forming an ideal process for creating pieces that fit into modern decor. By working with an experienced metal fabricator, furniture makers can turn even the most intricate design into a real-world work of art.

Almost any rigid metal or alloy can be used for metal spinning, but furniture makers often choose steel for a variety of reasons:

  • Steel offers superior strength and work hardening rates while remaining highly machinable.
  • Steel can be used to create unique table columns, chair bases, and other furniture supports that retain their shape through long-term use and under heavy loads.
  • Steel furniture is easy to clean and maintain, which makes it the ideal material for many modern homes.
  • Steel materials enable features such as powder coating of finished parts, where stainless steel, copper, and brass can only be polished in the finishing stage.

Metal Craft combines the flexibility of metal spinning with different welding techniques to manufacture custom metal components and bases used in the assembly of custom furniture. Our steel components are appropriate for use in a broad range of commercial, retail, and residential spaces.

Metal Spinning Services from Metal Craft

Metal Craft is your partner for metal forming. Regardless of industry or intended end use for the design, we can help fabricate myriad bases, flag stands, and other items that are beautiful, sturdy, and unique. Some of the products we’ve created for our clients include:

  • Cake stand bases for bakeries and food outlets
  • Flag stand bases for municipal properties like schools and courthouses
  • Clothing stand bases for retail outlets of all sizes

Our technical capabilities facilitate a variety of shapes, including:

  • Dished
  • Domed
  • Domed with flange
  • Flanged
  • Flanged and flued
  • Flanged, dished, and flued
  • Hemisphere
  • Semi-elliptical
  • Trumpet

We are also able to work with a number of popular metals, including:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Cold-rolled steel

Metal spinning is just one of our fabrication services. With our fleet of CNC lathes and presses, and hand lathes equipment at our disposal, we can spin or stamp products to match almost any specification. We also offer consultative engineering services to help clients improve designs or existing products, such as reverse engineering or value engineering.

From prototype to production, Metal Craft works with our clients to design and create solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and meet project parameters. Consult with our engineers for professional guidance on your choice of materials and forming processes.

Whether you’re conceptualizing a new project or need a partner to bring a design to life, Metal Craft offers the services you need for a successful fabrication process. When your fabrication project is complete, our technicians can also assist with the assembly and delivery of finished products to your facilities.

Contact us to learn how we can fabricate bases for your business. Metal Craft is the ideal partner for creating custom metal spun products and any other fabrication needs.