Hydroforming Services

What is Hydroforming?

Hydroforming is the process of shaping virtually all metals such as aluminum, brass, steel, copper and stainless steel into lightweight, durable pieces. This process is quick, efficient and cost-effective. Hydroforming efficiently produces parts which meet the tight tolerances required, resulting in parts with even wall thickness throughout and has an ability to be repeated for multiple orders. This technique especially works well in forming ductile metals into intricate components.

What are the benefits of Hydroforming?

  • Design and Engineering Expertise – Our Engineering department will work with you from start to finish to ensure your product is exactly to your specifications.
  • Short lead time and Inexpensive Tooling – Since there are no pressure plates, Metal Craft has most ring sizes in our shop allowing us to be very competitive with our lead times and prices. This makes us a top choice for large and small orders.
  • Additional Services Available – We offer finishing and secondary operations should you require, allowing you to complete your project on one purchase order.

Our Engineering department can help you determine which metal will conform to your specifications and offer prototype design. Contact our experienced staff to see how we can complete your project.