Why Use Metal Spinning for Furniture Applications?

Furniture Metal Spinning

Metal furniture and fixtures offer stability and strength, especially for rounded bases and tubular structures. Metal spinning—also known as spin forming or metal turning—is a technique that shapes these parts by taking a flat piece of metal, usually in the form of a disc, and molding it to fit a form as that form and disc spin at high speed. 

These spun-metal products have clean, sleek lines and smooth surfaces that are strong and durable. They are commonly used in many decorative items and commercial and industrial products, ranging from lamp bases to candlesticks to furniture and table legs. Metal spinning is a highly customizable process, allowing both artisans and automated lines to produce accurate forms.

Why the Furniture Industry Uses Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a perfect match for the furniture industry, as there is little to no waste  (cutting, grinding, etc) when metal is spun into a shape. The process of metal spinning for furniture is relatively swift, if automated, and produces durable items.

You can create almost any rounded shape with metal spinning as long as you find a suitable blank form. The spinning can be done by hand to form unique items or by mass production to create several identical forms of one shape. Either way, the process is very versatile and cost-effective. For the furniture industry in particular, metal spinning produces aesthetically pleasing pieces without breaking a company’s budget. This is essential for furniture manufacturers who want to mass-produce items.

How Metal Spinning Is Used in the Furniture World


Any time you see a rounded base or a tubular structure made of metal, especially steel, copper, brass, alloys, or aluminum, you’re likely looking at a piece that was formed through metal spinning. These include bases for:

  • Lamps
  • Flag Poles
  • Crowd barriers
  • Stools, chairs, and table legs
  • Display stands
  • Lids (e.g., metal trash can lids)

Metal spinning is also used for tubular lamp shapes, candlesticks, vases, and similar items.

Metal spinning using CNC machinery is another matter. This combination of metal spinning and computer-controlled tools produces nearly identical items with specifications that are all within a certain tolerance. This is the path you want to take if your company plans to mass-produce items for sale.

Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping for All Your Metal Spinning Needs

You can form round bases and tube-like forms for furniture and fixtures through a number of methods, but metal spinning offers the best value. It is efficient and allows individuals and companies to create products that are both attractive and practical. 

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