How Venturi Valves Can Optimize Your HVAC Air Flow Performance

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential components of commercial and industrial structures. However, more than just warming or cooling a designated space, HVAC systems are designed to improve air quality and ensure maximum comfort for anyone inside the building.

Variable air volume (VAV) systems or boxes are a common component installed for a commercial or industrial structure and perform a converse operation by supplying variable air flow to different spaces within the building at a constant temperature.

VAV boxes are an important component of any VAV system, as they have strategically placed calibrated dampers that control airflow to specific locations within a building. Although many commercial applications use VAV boxes, these systems often come with their fair share of problems. Some issues with VAV systems include:

  • Time delays between the VAV box airflow sensors and controls, causing frequent adjustments
  • Loss of efficiency  within the structure’s VAV system and HVAC components.
  • Dirty airflow sensors result in efficiency loss, causing routine checking and cleaning 
  • Adjustment delays between system components
  • Airborne risks in critical or hazardous applications

Manufacturing environments, laboratories, and other environments that rely on proper ventilation to safely remove harmful microorganisms or particulates from the air need a more thorough solution

The Venturi valve offers a more responsive solution for these critical applications, and are specifically engineered to facilitate superior regulation of air flow. Instead of relying on signals from the VAV system to adjust to changes in air pressure, Venturi valves measure pressure independently from the system and adjust without waiting for signal exchanges between system components, providing immediate airflow adjustments with ± 5% accuracy. 

Working with Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping is a leading manufacturer of long-lasting HVAC system components. We know that HVAC systems depend on tough, durable parts for both indoor and outdoor ventilation purposes. Because of this, we use the processes of metal spinning to build these components, In this operation, a spinning lathe forms a blank metal disc into the desired shape for the customers dimensional requirements.

Metal spinning from a certified HVAC provider is more cost-effective than multi-part assemblies.  It is also less time consuming, versatile, and design changes are easily accommodated. Metal spinning an HVAC venturi valve also prevents pressure disruption from damage caused by inclement weather or improper welding of multiple pieces.

Contact Us Today if you’d like to learn how our HVAC fabrication techniques, capabilities, and superior-quality HVAC venturi valves can be your next solution! We use both CNC machines and hand lathes to manufacture products according to customer needs.