Benefits of Custom Metal Products in the Agricultural Industry

The agricultural sector uses a variety of machines to carry out challenging and time-consuming tasks from planting and harvesting to irrigation and grain storage. As a large contributor to the North American economy, the industry requires equipment with reliable, high-quality parts to continue to meet our nation’s needs. Fabrication processes like metal spinning and stamping offer many advantages in creating such components.

Sometimes referred to as metal turning or spin forming, metal spinning is a technique that takes flat or cylindrical metal and transforms it into a completed, hollow end product with circular cross-sections. Another efficient and low-cost method, metal stamping utilizes pre-cut dies and applied pressure to stamp components from sheet metal. Both processes produce robust, long-lasting parts ideal for agricultural projects.

Benefits of Custom Metal Spinning and Stamping

Metal spinning and stamping processes offer a variety of advantages in creating durable, strong, and accurate parts that can handle rugged applications in the agricultural industry.

Benefits of Metal Spinning

  • Low- to high-volume production. Metal spinning can assist with prototyping and small runs through manual or partially automated processes. Alternately, computer numerical control (CNC) machinery generates high volumes of tight-tolerance parts using automation.
  • Decreased turn times. Metal spinning is an efficient process, particularly when you combine it with automation. It provides a great opportunity for reducing order turnaround times.
  • Reduced costs. Metal spinning involves much less of an initial investment than other metal forming techniques. There are also fewer costs associated with its tooling.
  • Design flexibility. You can use tooling changes to easily modify part designs, especially when the alteration simply involves a sizing reduction.
  • Enhanced metallurgical properties. Using this process to create components actually improves the metallurgy and tensile strength in a part by realigning the metal’s grain structure. This gives you the capability to use a lighter gauge of material for the same project without sacrificing durability.
  • Multi-process capabilities. As a versatile manufacturing technique, you can integrate other processes into metal spinning production, including welding, rolling, and deep drawing, to create parts with complex designs.

Benefits of Metal Stamping

  • Precision. Custom metal stamping enables you to achieve a component’s unique specifications with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.
  • Durable strength. This manufacturing method guarantees that your product can endure an array of difficulties for reliable, lasting use.
  • Efficiency. Metal stamping is an efficient process, decreasing both production time and the associated costs while boosting output and profits.
  • Compatibility. Enabling custom designs, metal stamping allows you to generate sheet metal parts with a size and shape that will ultimately be compatible with your equipment, which isn’t typical for the majority of stock metal parts.

Custom Metal Spinning and Stamping From Metal Craft

A virtually endless array of metal-spun and stamped parts are involved in planting, harvesting, storing, handling, and temperature control equipment. Since 1964, Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping has supported our agricultural customers across North America with top-notch metal spinning and stamping services for prototyping and high- and low-volume manufacturing.

To meet your project’s unique size, shape, material, and tooling specifications, we draw from our background in custom metal fabrication and rely on state-of-the-art presses and CNC equipment. Metal Craft’s processes are compatible with aluminum, brass, and copper, as well as cold-rolled, galvanized, and stainless steel, so that the parts we create will provide you with the performance your application requires.

Metal Craft’s Custom Solutions

Whether you need parts for heavy machinery or something as small and simple as a fence post cap, the team at Metal Craft can provide you with agricultural equipment metal products. Through a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations with superior quality in our offerings and timeliness in our deliveries. To inquire about our custom product capabilities, request a quote today and partner with Metal Craft on your next agricultural project.