Secondary Operations

Often spun parts require secondary operations.. This may range from piercing holes, to heat-treating, to powder coatingand vacuum metallizing. Over the years Metal Craft has established a network of dependable finishing services allowing us to offer many value added services to our customers. These operations are either performed in house or sub-contracted out of house.
Trimming and beading are done with two pneumatic trimming and beading machines. The Denn RB-40 is used for standard round shapes, and the Omega is used for both round and oblong shapes.
Shearing and circling of material is done on our hydraulic circle shear, and electric shear. We can make circles up to 60 inch in size from 12g steel. The square, from which a circle is cut, has to be 1 inch bigger than the required circle in diameter. The thickness of our circles ranges from 12g to 26g.
We can shear circles up to 60 inches in size….thickness of our circles ranges from 12g. to 26g.
Metal craft also offers welding as the part of its services. Welding is usually used for assembling parts together after the completion of the manufacturing process. We can spot weld steel of up to 12g using our spot welder machine.
Smaller bed and horn presses are used for punching holes, notching and other similar secondary operations.
As a final service, we offer an assembly area where we can inspect, assemble and package finished products. Our past projects have ranged from simple assembly work to very fine packaging solutions, such as Canadian Coin Mint Case and flashlights, just to name a few.
To serve our customers better and to alleviate the problems of finishing, we have an excellent network for painting, plating, anodizing, and vacuum metalizing of the manufactured raw components that we produce.