COVID-19 Update: Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping Remains Fully Operational

A note from our president, Brian Rasksen:

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

We at Metal Craft are monitoring the ever-changing climate of the pandemic, in addition to monitoring communications following Government guidelines. In light of the most recent government mandate, Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping was deemed to be an essential-business, and thus remaining fully operational. In an effort to alleviate the shortage of COVID-related supplies, all mission-critical sourcing orders will be processed swiftly and efficiently.

Effective immediately, Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping is putting into place the following preventative measures in our facilities.

Firstly, any employee who chooses to travel AT ALL will be required to remain at home for 14 days upon their return. Furthermore, any employees showing signs of illness will not be permitted to work and will be required to stay home for at least 14 days.

Secondly, we are working closely with our engineers, employees, and drivers to ensure frequent hand washing and proper hygienic measures such as PPE are worn as required. The sanitation of all high-touch surfaces in our workshop (including tools, instruments, equipment etc…) is being performed numerous times throughout the day.

We are doing everything we can to safeguard our workforce and to minimize any potential disruptions to our manufacturing process. Thus far, both our plant and our raw material supply chain remain unaffected and, at this time, our lead times remain stable.

The health and safety of our team, families, customers, and communities continues to be our highest priority moving forward, and we will do everything we can to adapt to the current situation while continuing to provide you with exceptional service.

We are committed to providing superior service to our customers and partners and we encourage you to communicate any concerns directly to our sales team and we will do our best to assist you.