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Why Should I Use CNC Waterjet Cutting?

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CNC Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is a fabrication process that utilizes high-pressure streams of water (i.e., water jets) to cut materials into the desired shape and size. It can be categorized into two primary methods: pure waterjet cutting and abrasive waterjet cutting. Pure waterjet cutting uses water jets with no added media. It is typically employed for cutting softer, non-metallic materials, such as plastic, rubber, and foam. Abrasive waterjet cutting use waterjets with added abrasive particles. It is suitable for cutting harder materials, such as metals, glass, and stone. 

While both waterjet cutting methods offer distinct advantages that make them suitable for particular applications, waterjet cutting, in general, can be used for a wide range of manufacturing projects, especially when integrated with computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Below, we highlight the advantages of CNC waterjet cutting. 

Advantages of CNC Waterjet Cutting

There are many advantages to using CNC waterjet cutting over other cutting processes. For example: 

  • It offers broad material suitability. CNC waterjet cutters can cut through virtually any material used in general fabrication operations. 
  • It carries no risk of human error. Since CNC waterjet cutters are preprogrammed, there is minimal risk of a cutting operation proceeding incorrectly unless there is a programming error or machine malfunction. 
  • It produces precise and accurate cuts. Compared to manual cutting operations, CNC waterjet cutting offers greater cutting precision and accuracy. It can consistently produce net-shape or near-net-shape parts from piece to piece and batch to batch. As a result, it decreases the need for any secondary procession operations to bring the parts to spec. 
  • It accommodates complex shapes. CNC waterjet cutters can create highly complex three-dimensional shapes that would be impossible to produce using manual cutting machines. 
  • It leaves no heat-affected zone (HAZ). As a cold cutting process, waterjet cutting does not generate significant amounts of heat, which reduces the risk of heat-related issues like thermal distortion or hardened edges. This quality is advantageous for components with exacting requirements. 
  • It requires minimal fixturing. Waterjet cutters require minimal workpiece fixturing, which shortens setup time and reduces equipment costs for cutting operations.
  • It creates little to no waste. The waterjet cutting process generates little to no hazardous waste and accommodates water recycling through the use of closed-loop systems. Together, these qualities reduce waste generation and disposal costs. Additionally, since the process can achieve smaller cutting kerfs and higher cutting precision, individual parts can be placed closer together, allowing manufacturers to maximize the material utilization to waste generation ratio.
  • It is safe for machine operators. Waterjet cutting does not produce any dust or hazardous gases that can negatively affect operator health. 

Waterjet Cutting Solutions at Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping

Looking for a waterjet cutting service provider for your next manufacturing project? Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping is the ideal partner. We’ve provided metal fabrication services for over 50 years. This extensive experience, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, gives us the knowledge, skills, and tools we need to deliver high-quality metal components that fully meet your specifications and standards. Whether you require assistance with waterjet cutting or another manufacturing process, we’ve got you covered! 

For a waterjet cutting partner committed to quality, on-time delivery, and personalized customer service, contact us today.

Copper Post Cap Production and Applications

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Copper Post CapsWooden decks and fencing need to be protected from the elements to keep them rot-free for extended periods of time. To achieve this, fitted caps can be installed on the top of posts in order to preserve them. While these caps can be produced from many materials, copper is a particularly long-lasting and attractive choice.

At Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping, we offer copper post caps designed to enhance the architectural features of your home or building while preventing wood rot. As a cost-effective protection option, our copper post caps are simple to install, and they are compatible with most post sizes. Copper post caps offer many benefits, making them useful in a wide range of applications. 

Copper: A Smart Choice in Post Cap Production

Copper is a widely used alloy, and its beautiful appearance has led it to become particularly popular in decorative applications. Additionally, its excellent ability to conduct heat and electricity along with its high resistance to corrosion and good formability has allowed it to be used in many industries, with applications in roofing, lighting, and electronics. 

One significant attribute of copper is that it can be remelted and used again without losing any of its chemical or physical properties. This has led it to be one of the most widely recycled metals. Copper can also be combined with other metals to form alloys, with the two most common copper alloys being brass and bronze.

How Post Caps Are Made

When producing copper post caps, the first step is to specify the required size and decide on which design elements the finished product will have. Next, metal stamping and spinning processes shape flat metal into the desired post cap shape. Metal spinning can be used to create products from 1 inch to 8 inches in diameter, while metal stamping is used to create many shapes and features. 

Spinning and stamping are both cost-effective processes with quick production times that lead to a weld-free, smooth finished product. Whether you require high or low volume production, Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping can manufacture the metal components you need. If you need help selecting the best metal forming technique for your application, our experts are here to assist you with every step of the process. 

Copper Post Cap Applications

Copper post caps are not only decorative features that add to the beauty of your property, but they’re also an extremely important protective asset for your posts. Properly capped posts remain in good condition for years, saving you lots of money on the cost of replacement. Post caps can be produced according to nearly any design plan to match your personal taste and style preferences. 

There are many possible applications for copper post caps including: 

  • Marine decks
  • Yard decks
  • Rail posts
  • Fences
  • Mailboxes
  • Arbors
  • Gates
  • Lampposts

Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping delivers custom-fitted post caps according to the specific measurements and design ideas of your project. Whatever your application, our team of metal-forming specialists will deliver accurately fabricated pieces. 

Copper Post Caps from Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping

If you’re considering adding copper caps to beautify and preserve your fence or deck posts, Metal Craft Spinning & Stamping has a cost-effective custom design solution that will meet all of your needs. Copper in particular provides a sophisticated look that will continue to shine well into the future. For more information about our copper post caps, or to get started on your next project, contact us today.